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Manage your psoriasis with personalized treatment at Barrett & Geiss.

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Manage your psoriasis with personalized treatment at Barrett & Geiss.


What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes red, scaly, and itchy patches on the skin. Patches are caused by the immune system attacks the skin cells, which accelerates their life cycle. This leads to a rapid buildup of cells, causing inflammation and skin thickening.

Psoriasis On A Patient's Arm

Psoriasis FAQs

Psoriasis can be a complex condition with a myriad of symptoms and causes. Learn more about psoriasis by reading our helpful FAQs section below, where we explain what causes psoriasis, what it looks like, where it commonly shows up, and how we treat psoriasis in Lancaster and Granville, Ohio.

Psoriasis occurs because of a dysfunction of the immune system, where it attacks healthy skin cells. This causes inflammation and excessive skin cell growth, leading to thickened patches of psoriasis called plaques.

Research has shown that a family history of psoriasis does increase the chance of developing it. However, many people do develop psoriasis without a hereditary link.

Psoriasis is cyclical with periods of no symptoms and periods of flare-ups. While it may seem as though your psoriasis may have gone away, this is a chronic condition that generally lasts a lifetime. However, personalized psoriasis treatment can help reduce the frequency and length of flare-ups.

The presentation of this common skin condition can look different from person to person but typical psoriasis symptoms include:

  • Inflamed think patches of skin
  • Dry, silvery, scaly skin
  • Itchy skin that may crack and bleed
  • Pitted, thick, and ridged nails
  • Stiff, swollen, and sore joints

If you are experiencing any of these common symptoms, please reach out to the board-certified dermatologists at Barrett & Geiss for psoriasis treatment in Lancaster or Granville, Ohio. Give us a call at (740) 746-1105 or request an appointment online.

While psoriasis can show up anywhere on the body, the most common locations include:

  • Face
  • Scalp
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Hands
  • Legs

If you are experiencing a psoriasis flare-up, get in touch with our doctors. We can help you find relief with personalized treatment at our comfortable dermatology clinics in Lancaster and Granville.

Psoriasis can be painful, with flare-ups and patches often being described as a tight, sore, or burning sensation. Pain can be managed with different treatment options. Contact us to learn more.

Yes – but gently! Regular exfoliation can soften and remove the dry, scaly skin psoriasis is generally characterized by. Along with frequent moisturizing to nourish the skin, exfoliation can alleviate some of the itch and irritation of the skin.

Treatment options for psoriasis typically include a combination of topical creams, oral and injectable medication, and light therapy. The aim of these treatments is usually to reduce the growth of skin cells, soften skin, alleviate inflammation, and foster healthier skin.


Psoriasis Photos

If you are unsure what psoriasis looks like, view our photo gallery below. If your symptoms are similar, book an appointment with our board-certified dermatologists for a professional psoriasis diagnosis and treatment.

Psoriasis On A Patient's Forehead
Psoriasis On A Patient's Hands
Psoriasis On A Patient's Arm
Psoriasis On A Man's Arms And Hands

Find Relief with Psoriasis Treatment at Barrett & Geiss

If psoriasis is interfering with your daily life, our team of board-certified dermatologists are here to help with personalized psoriasis treatment in Lancaster and Granville, Ohio. We are highly experienced in treating this common skin condition to help patients find relief. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment today.

Schedule your psoriasis treatment in Central Ohio today by calling us at (614) 407-9188 for our Granville clinic or (740) 746-1105 for our Lancaster clinic. Alternatively, send us a message by using our online contact form.

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